Edition One

Hello all! I have decided to begin a blog here on MLB.com entitled “Yankee Yapping.” As a passionate Yankee fan, I am going to choose certain topics and then offer my own perspective on each issue. I am going to try and enter at least one blog per week. I shall begin!


My thoughts on…

The Current Yankee bullpen

These guys are performing extremely well right now. It is a real step up from last year when the ‘pen could barely hold anything. Probably the best thing for the Yankees is the move of Phil Hughes to the bullpen. He’s becoming a dominant force out there and he seems to be fitting in well. Coupled with Phil Coke, Michael Kay has dubbed them “the Phil-thies,” and they certainly have been filthy.

Friday against Toronto Coke and Hughes proved their worth in relief, holding the game down and not allowing a run. I like Brian Bruney, too, but he’s been injured and it seems to be affecting his performance.

Alfredo Aceves has become one of my new favorite pitchers. It’s almost sad that the official scorer gave him a save yesterday and not a win. Chamberlain put the Yanks in a hole but Ace came out and dazzled everyone.

Overall the Yankee bullpen is the best I have seen it in a long time, and Yankee manager Joe Girardi is content with the way his relievers are throwing. I have to agree with Girardi. 

Eric Hinske

So far this trade has been rather pointless. Hinske is finally getting to play today, but it took a week for him to step onto the field.

We’ll see how he does today; Hinske has experience playing in the AL East as he’s been with Toronto, Boston, and Tampa Bay, so how he does with the Yanks, only time will tell.

He’s excited to be here, that was evident in the pre-game interview with the YES Network today.

“I’d be lying to you if I told you I wasn’t excited,” he said. 

“You always think about being a Yankee.”

Chien-Ming Wang 

It’s really sad what has happened to Wang. He has had the worst season of his life. I think his early struggles date back to last year when he was hurt running the bases in Houston. I remember seeing the comparison from last year and this year with Wang’s footing on the mound; it was totally different.

He was doing a good job of working his way back to his old self, and then the poor guy gets set back again with a right shoulder strain and bursitis. It’s been a bad year for Wang, and I can only hope he works his way back. It would be a shame to see his career go south because he has done so much for the Yankees.

Girardi said in the press conference before today’s game that Aceves might be moved from the ‘pen to start in place of Wang on Thursday in Minnesota. Although he’s only available to toss about 60-65 pitches.

The “looseness” of the Club House

This year it seems all the players are more laid back than last year. In my opinion the addition of Nick Swisher and the attitudes of Johnny Damon and A.J. Burnett have made a huge impact on the rest of the players.

After a walk-off win last year the guys seemed so stiff and were just struggling to keep their heads above the water. After a walk-off they would just say how much they need to win the next game to stay in the race.

This year they pie each other in the face and award the WWE Championship title belt to the player of the game. In fact, I read on the Star Ledger website that the WWE is making a special belt for the Yankees with the interlocking NY on it in place of the WWE logo.

They are finding unique ways to stay loose on the field, and that is something that basically cannot be taught.  

All Stars

There will be three Yankees represented in St. Louis this year.

Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, and Mark Teixeira will be making the trip to Busch Stadium on July 14 for the All-Star Game.

Jeter and Rivera will each be making their 10th All-Star Game appearance while Teixeria is going for the second time.

I can’t really say enough about Jeter. He was the leading vote-getter in the American League and will be the oldest shortstop to start a mid-summer classic since Luis Aparicio in 1971. That says something about the type of player he really is.

It’ll definitely be strange not to see Alex Rodriguez there. Missing the first month of the season most likely affected his chances of going, and Evan Longoria earned it. Maybe the days off will help A-Rod; he’s been going non-stop since he came back on May 8, so it’s possible he can rest his hip and come out in the second half stronger.

As far as the game goes, the American League has held the National League down these past few years. I expect the same this year.


That does it for my first edition of “Yankee Yapping.”  I’ll be back next week with different topics an analysis. Hope you all enjoy my blog.  



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