Edition Three

Hello all! And welcome to this week’s edition of “Yankee Yapping.”


Away we go!


This Past Weekend


Well, unlike the horrific events of last weekend (getting swept by LA Angels of Anaheim) it was a great weekend to be a Yankee fan. Instead of getting swept the Yankees were the ones doing the sweeping, pulling out the brooms for the AL Central-leading Detroit Tigers.


Friday night was a little shaky; A.J. Burnett went a little overboard with the walks (five in the game with only one strikeout) but Phil Hughes was absolutely dominant in relief. He recorded six outs, all by way of the strikeout. Plus, Mark Teixeira looked strong, belting that home run off the flame-throwing Joel Zumaya.


Saturday’s game was quite honestly a little boring. There was really nothing doing until Alex Rodriguez hit that home run. It was just a battle of aces with CC Sabathia and Justin Verlander.


Sunday was yet another slow game, and the Yankees won on the strength of Teixeira and Rodriguez, who both went yard. It was nice to finally see Joba Chamberlain get past the fifth inning. If only he could make every start like the one we saw on Sunday, we’d be in good shape.


If he can do what he did yesterday more consistently, I would take back what I said about him belonging in the bullpen.


This Upcoming Week


The Yanks have some easy opponents coming in, as the Baltimore Orioles will come in for three games starting tonight, and then Friday Oakland will head in for a four game set.


Baltimore currently sits in last place of the AL East, owning a record of 41-50. Oakland is also currently in the basement of their division, rounding out the AL West with a season record of 38-52.


The Yanks have a good shot at winning both series with how they are playing. But if history has proved anything, it’s that both teams (especially Baltimore) can be pests.


I am just hoping that they win on Wednesday, which will be my third trip to the new Yankee Stadium. While the Yankees will send Andy Pettitte to the mound tonight and Sergio Mitre tomorrow, I will get to see Burnett make the start on Wednesday.


If you want to know if I am excited about going, well yes I am.  


Old Timer’s Day

Old Timers.jpg


Everything a Yankee fan loves about baseball is showcased every year at the annual Old Timer’s Day.


I have always believed that if you are “once a Yankee, you’re always a Yankee.” I believe that statement is so true, and when you see a guy like Don Zimmer come back for this special event, you know it’s true.


Zim is such a great baseball man, basically dedicating his life to baseball. I don’t think any fan will ever forget what happened to him during the 2003 American League Championship Series against Boston.


When Pedro Martinez slammed Zim to the ground, it was disgraceful. I remember hearing that if the incident occurred at Yankee Stadium, the NYPD would have arrested Martinez, and quite honestly he deserved it. What kind of person pushes a 72 year-old man down?


Along with Zim, It was great (albeit strange) to see Mike Mussina at Old Timer’s Day.


Moose just retired last year, going out on his own terms after winning 20 games for the first time in his career in 2008. I can just say this: Mussina can still pitch, and he is NOT an Old Timer.


I am fortunate enough to have gone to this celebration twice in my life; once in 2005 and again in 2007. If you are a Yankee fan, at least once in your lifetime get out to Old Timer’s Day. You will absolutely love it. I know I did.


2007’s Old Timer’s Day (pictured above) was the better of the two I went to. Seeing Paul O’Neill, Don Mattingly, Reggie Jackson, Yogi Berra, Bobby Murcer, Ken Griffey, Sr., and Scott Brosius among others was an honor. You just can’t describe it.


In the Old Timer’s game in ’07 the Bombers beat the Clippers, 4-1. I loved watching the old players get back onto the field to play each other, it was funny.


Yesterday we got more of that funny feeling, and like I said, Old Timer’s Day is a must-see for all Yankee fans.


Well that does it for this week’s edition of Yankee Yapping. I’ll be back next week with different topics and analysis.


  1. swanton7

    AJ! Nice blog. I agree with just about everything and the only thing I have to say is that we shouldn’t count out the O’s or the A’s, I mean…we lost the series to the Nationals for crying out loud!! I have little doubt, but losing is always possible. Either way, GO YANKS!!

    BTW, check out my blog, Bomber Barkin’!

    • A.J. Martelli

      Thanks, B-rii!

      Yea, like I said we can’t take the O’s and A’s too lightly. They can be pests.

      Send me the link to your blog!

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