Breaking News: CC Sabathia to Star in Fat Albert Sequel



CC will play Fat Albert!!!

“Hey Hey Hey!” According to a recent press release, New York Yankee ace CC Sabathia has agreed to play Fat Albert in the sequel to the 2004 film of the same name. Sabathia will take over for Keenan Thompson, who played the title character in the first movie.


Filming of Fat Albert 2: When Pudding Attacks is set to begin the day after the 2010 World Series, which the Yankees are expected to win.


“I’m excited about it,” Sabathia said in a recent statement.


“I know I am the ace of the Yankee pitching staff but opportunities like this don’t come around very often. I needed to jump at this chance when it was put in front of me. Right after baseball ends this year, I start a new job. It’ll be great!”


Calling the shots behind the camera is Joel Zwick, who directed the first movie in 2004. Zwick’s past work also includes the direction of My Big, Fat, Greek Wedding as well as several episodes of Full House and Family Matters. The director is ecstatic about Sabathia’s role and he expressed his delight to have a sports star playing the lead.


Zwick feels the movie will be an instant blockbuster smash.


“We had Keenan play Albert in the first movie and we did a 4.0 out of 10 on the Internet Movie Database, which was terribly disappointing,” Zwick said.


“But CC brings a certain charisma to the part and I think the second movie will be much better than the first. People will want to come and see this one. I know it.”



Joel Zwick will return to direct the sequel..but Keenan Thompson will not return to star 

Thompson was said to be extremely unhappy with Zwick’s decision to use Sabathia over him, and wanted to return to play Fat Albert for the sequel. The former Nickelodeon star feels his work in the 2004 movie was good enough to reprise his role.


“I can’t believe he called CC instead of me!” Thompson exclaimed.


“I might as well just call my man Kel (Mitchell) and do a reunion of the Keenan and Kel Show on TeenNick. There is nothing good on Nickelodeon anymore as it is, so maybe we can fix that. I’m just mad I can’t play Fat Albert again. It makes me want to order 50 fish tacos and eat them all.”


Sabathia rebuked Thompson and stood by his feelings. The Yankees’ number one man believes he earned the role over Thompson and also feels the sequel will be a huge success.


“Tell Keenan to quit his whining,” Sabathia said.


“He complains more than Kevin Youkilis after facing Joba Chamberlain. He just cannot admit that he was terrible as the lead in the first movie and that I will upstage him (in every way possible) in the sequel. This movie will dance circles around the first one.”


Bill Cosby, creator of the Fat Albert franchise, is happy to have Sabathia portraying the character he made. Cosby cited Sabathia’s fun-loving nature and kind personality as a perfect match for the character.


“CC is great for this,” Cosby said.


“I am very happy Keenan is not going to butcher my work again. CC can certainly revive the character and the whole franchise. This movie will the biggest thing since red Jello!”


Although it is not yet known who will play the junkyard gang, Sabathia already approached Zwick with some suggestions. He entertained the idea of using other Yankee players to act in the movie.



Curtis Granderson to play Mushmouth....??? 

“I told Joel we should get Curtis Granderson to play Mushmouth,” Sabathia said.


“I think he can master the art of Ubbi Dubbi and can really do a great job. Curtis has that funny quality and he would be an awesome addition to the movie. Plus, it would be funny to see him with that hat on!”


Granderson told the Associated Press he would not mind acting in the movie.


“This will be the best film I have ever directed,” Zwick said.


“Just wait until it comes out in the theatres. Every showing will be sold out!”


Fat Albert 2: When Pudding Attacks is set to open in December of 2011.



**If anyone believes this, you are very gullible. Happy April Fool’s Day!!!!


Also seen at Bleacher Report


  1. southernbelle

    A.J.: Holy crap…I was so SOOO confused there for a sec. I was like, “Wait, why didn’t I hear about this?!?” Very good…now I feel incredibly stupid, but that’s okay. See I think it was the quotes that got me…you used quotation marks and said CC said those things…forget it. I’m gullible! You win 😉
    I miss Keenan and Kel…that was my favorite show when I was little 😦

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