A Baby Yankee Hates the Big Yankees

This isn’t going to be a long entry, to begin. This particular exchange happened tonight, I found it amusing, and I figured I would write a small blog about it–just to let everyone know what happened.

Tonight I was working at Dutchess Stadium, home of the Hudson Valley Renegades. I blogged earlier in the summer about the internship opportunity they afforded me.

The ‘Gades were hosting the Staten Island Yankees , the short season Single-A affiliate of the New York Yankees, in a doubleheader.

At one point in the night I went with my buddy Dan Burckhard (A.K.A. “Crash”… it’s his nickname. Long story) to open up a gate behind the opposing bullpen for an on-the-field activity in between innings.

We wound up getting a chance to speak with some of the relief pitchers on the Staten Island Yankees. One of them looked right at me and then asked me a strange question.

Number 50 hates the Yankees.

“Do you have a gun? I’d like to shoot myself now.”

“No,” I responded. “I’m guessing you want to go home?”

He laughed and said, “Yes. We’ve been here for way too long.”

No argument from me. I wanted to leave, too.

He continued, “Can you get me a beer?”

I laughed and said, “If I could I definitely would. And I would have a drink with you, since technically you are a Yankee and I am a huge Yankee fan.”
Here’s when it happened.

“I F-(expletive) HATE the Yankees,” he said.

“But…you play for them,” I responded.

“Yeah, but not by choice,” he said.

Wow. I laughed pretty hard when he said that. A player on a team of baby Yankees hates the adult Yankees. I just found it rather ironic and it was quite interesting to me.
It made for good conversation, at least.

When I got home I looked him up. His name is Michael Recchia from Crestwood, Illinois. Maybe he’s a White Sox fan? Or maybe he likes losing. He could be a Cubs fan.

And if you were wondering, the Renegades beat the Yanks 2-1 in the first game and crushed them 15-1 in game two of the twin bill.


  1. senjuto

    That’s something. A Baby Yankee hating the NY Yankees. Yankee fans would really let him have it if he ever makes it to the big club. If he hates the Yankees so much, maybe the bum needs to be released or traded to another team, maybe like the Cubs or White Sox.

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