Fun Team 2010 Forever

Editor’s note: For all of the regular readers of this blog, I wrote this specifically for my summer co-workers at the Hudson Valley Renegades. It is filled with inside jokes and memories that I will hold onto for a long time.




It's been a great summer, Fun Team.It’s been a long summer for us, Fun Team. Countless games of whack-an-intern, store your stuff, and put it in the can basically defined my summer. But I’m really glad I got to meet and get to know each and every one of you this summer and I figured I’d write something about everyone to remember this eventful experience.

Here I go…

Jay: You are a good boss. I’m sorry I almost took your head off with that line drive during batting practice before one of the Home Run Derbies. I still laugh when I think about you trying to go around multiple times on the lazy river at Splash Down. That girl should have just let us stay on the ride for as long as we wanted!

Ellissa: I don’t know of anyone who could have manned the Pitch For Kids corner like you. Every single game you were in there, rolling dice and handing out prizes. Honestly, I would have gotten bored with it on the second night, but you have a lot of patience, which is admirable.

Jeff Helion: Like Jay, you are a good boss. Tough, but very fair. Thank you for sharing your words of wisdom at Lily Logan’s that night and I’ll certainly use you as a reference for future jobs. “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”

E.D.: I’m glad I did this internship because I got to know you. When we were both at OLL, I really didn’t know you very well and now I do. You did an excellent job getting the contestants into the pits. “Follow those lads there.”

Crash: Thank you for driving me around a few times this summer, especially the night of the party. You did a lot for me these past two months and I’m really glad I met you. I’ll never forget the softball game with “The Mad Hatter!!!!” I’m sure I’ll be seeing you around Yorktown a lot more now.

Dice: I know I’ve said this a million times, but I’M SORRY I missed the first Fun Team Frenzy party–words cannot express how disappointed I was that I missed it. I guess I made up for it with the second party, though. Whenever you have your next gathering, just let me know. It doesn’t matter what I have going on at the time, I’ll be there. I promise.

Kevin: Without any sarcasm, you threw the absolute BEST party I have ever been to in my life. I know I was a little out of it that night, but thank you for not killing me with the arm bar.

Yetti: The water fight we started with Derek Dietrich on your last night (Rain Delay Night) was a lot of fun. You’re a funny kid with a great sense of humor. I also laugh every time I look at the picture of you and that random guy who looks like you…Dice: “Yetti, is that your dad???”


Yetti's dad...?Sizzle:  
Thank you for (at least trying) to get me sober at the party. I enjoyed it when you squirted Jared Sandberg’s lineup card with the water gun and Yetti got blamed for it. It’s all good, because he later told me he was just messing with us.

Dog:  You are a good guy with a lot of hustle (according to Sandberg). The other night when the little kid was asking us for a ball and Sandberg told him to guess your nickname–that was awesome. Especially when he started whistling to give the kid a hint. “Is his name Kyle?” I have no idea where the kid came up with that name. It was so random.

Dan Vincenzi: I had a lot of fun quoting movies and the Andrew Dice Clay/CNN video with you all the time.  “You ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?”…”You’re supposed to be a news guy. Running a gym???” You also came prepared to the party with the flask of Jameson. That…was epic. You also saved me the first night of training. I couldn’t find the Gold’s Gym, I crossed paths with you at the Mobil station, and you got me there. What can I say? You ran me to the gym…

Emma: I am truly disappointed that I never got the opportunity to witness (first hand) your amazing pie-eating contest super powers. However, the game that you were Rascal and I was handling you all night was one of my favorite nights of work. I was very happy you didn’t fall out of the car during Honda Ball Toss and the two of us got everything right that game.


We did good, Emma.Marissa:
No matter what you say, Dan and I dethroned you and Emma as flip cup champs at the party. In all seriousness though, you are a great person and getting to know you was just awesome. I really enjoyed all of our conversations about our future goals. Just always remember…journalism is better than public relations.

Hort: It’s too bad I didn’t get a chance to get to know you or talk to you as much as some of the other Fun Teamers. But the night we all had to be mascots was great. I’m sure the crowd laughed when they saw Thomas the Tank Engine (you) dancing with Captain America (me). Driving home that night, I thought to myself, “I’m sure that was a sight to behold for the fans–a train dancing with a super hero.”


Great night.Ben:
You were one of the hardest working members on the entire Fun Team. Giving out those build-a-bears the other night was a pain in the neck, but thankfully we got out of it after awhile. You were a master at selling those tennis balls and you really know how to connect with people.

Louis: I’m really happy that, like Dan Vincenzi, I was able to get you hooked on the “Running a Gym?” quote. I cannot express how much I loved talking about Family Guy and the Chuck Norris jokes every day. I really wish I could have been there when you got pied in the face (for about four straight innings) on Groundhog Day night (I was in Playland). And just so I understand this completely…at no point were you running a gym?

Conor: The first night of training at Gold’s Gym, it was really cool to hear that you caught Jorge Posada’s grand slam ball. I also think it was cool that you got to drive the player from the Jamestown Jammers to the airport, even though he didn’t talk much. You are a really great kid and I’m really happy I met you.

Nick at Nite: Here’s to the fastest runner on the Fun Team! I enjoyed both of our races, even though my left knee received extreme physical trauma as a result of our first race. You beat me fair and square in the second race, though. I said last night that you are a good kid and I meant it.

Alex Kamen: I really don’t have much to say to you except…we do things the “Alex Kamen way of doing things: guaranteed to work every time.” According to Crash, you want us to come to your school to party and visit. Sounds good to me!

Honest Abe: I am not very happy that you left the Fun Team and then showed up to more games after you quit. I really don’t think that made a lot of sense and many of the other Fun Teamers were annoyed with the decision you made. But thank you for taking the photo of me in the Captain America costume. It’s one of my favorite pictures.


Solid.Slim Jim:
You made an excellent Rookie on the night of the mascot wedding vow renewal. You are a nice guy and good luck with everything at Penn State.

Stevie Wonder: You are truly talented, my friend. You were the centerpiece of the Thriller dance and the Under the Sea dance. You also have a lot of courage; after all, it takes guts to grab your crotch like Michael Jackson in front of a packed stadium. I enjoyed working with you this summer and your outgoing personality is admirable.

Tyler: It’s unfortunate that you could not stay with us for the whole summer. But I am very happy you found another internship with the New York Jets. I really hope that went well for you and good luck up in Cortland.

Padre: I heard stories about your experience from the first Fun Team party and (going back to what I said to Dice) I’m sorry I couldn’t be there. I laugh every time I think about you dressed up in the Cookie Monster costume the night of the mascot wedding and you’re a good guy. I hope everything works out for you in terms of football.

Bob Hand: You are one of a kind. I’ll always remember you for your rally belly and affinity for beer. When the majority of the Fun Team went back to college, you helped us out in a major way. I am sad that the Renegades didn’t walk off with any wins toward the end of the season, meaning I didn’t get the chance to pie any of the players in the face. I’ll get one of them someday, though…

Curious George:  I remember (ever so vividly) when you were given your nickname the first night of training at the Dutch. You climbed that gate and Jay called you Curious George. You wanted to be called A.D.D. Adam, but trust me; you went with the better nickname.

J.D.:  Your parents are really cool. They went out of their way to feed us sandwiches and cookies that one night, which was very thoughtful. And you are a lot like your parents J.D., because you are really cool. But we are never putting you in the ticket office again. “So that’s what that button does…”

Little Lurch: I will say that you are a little strange (dressing up in all those crazy costumes) but you have a lot of spirit. I would have never gotten on the dugout to pump up the crowd the way you did; your actions showed a lot of heart. We also made a great team bagging and numbering tennis balls.

Jeff Allison: The best memory I have with you is probably the party. Like Sizzle, you were valiantly trying to sober me up and I really enjoyed working with you.

Lucas: Technically, you weren’t on the Fun Team but you helped me out a lot when you weren’t in the Rascal costume. I loved handling the mascots because you never complicated anything; it was a simple job and it never became difficult. Plus, the mascot dance parties were always great. I’m glad I met you this summer and good luck with running track at Lourdes (my alma mater, as I always pointed out when you mentioned school). I loved when me and you (Rascal) played frisbee on the field before baseball buddies and the reliever intercepted your throw. Good times. 

And last, but never the least…

Bri-man: We had a great team, and a great team is nothing without a great captain. After every game you gave us motivation to keep moving forward with your speeches, which meant a lot to every Fun Teamer. We would have been nothing without you this season and it was so nice getting to know you, Bri-man. I have learned that you have a great heart and a sensitive soul, but you also possess a deep passion for success.

We had a great run this summer and I will never forget this experience. There’s not much left to say except…

Fun Team 2010 Forever.

Watching the season fade away...  

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