A Little Help

Hello folks!

This isn’t going to be a formal Yankee Yapping entry or anything, I just wanted to ask all you readers for a small favor.

I recently purchased a Flip cam and with it started my own Facebook show entitled, “A.J.’s Hour of Inside Jokes and Obscure References.”

Yeah. I know.

Basically I created it just because I could use some laughs these days – and what better way to get some laughs than by laughing at myself?!

I start every episode with my token line, “Lickety split, don’t have a fit.” If you’re a fan of the TV show “Smallville” you might get the reference – and that’s basically the show; I just rant on about random things and happenings, as well as movie and TV show quotes.

Some episodes feature me driving in my car, talking and cracking jokes. Other ‘sodes feature some of my friends who have been asking me for “guest spots” on the show ever since I started it a few months back. (And if you want a guest spot on the show, just message me I’ll try and make it happen!)

Another point I should make, just so you don’t get your hopes up: no episode ever runs a full hour. It’s sort of part of the joke. They only go an average of 8-10 minutes.

But anyway, here’s where I need you guys: I created a Facebook page for it, and I have just 10 likes (as opposed to the over 800 likes I have on the Yankee Yapping Facebook page). If it wouldn’t be so much trouble, could you just take three seconds of your time, go to the Facebook page and click “like” for me?

Even if you have no intention of actually watching the show, please just click “like” for me and make me feel good. I know it’s a cheesy and otherwise lame call to arms, but I could use every little bit of help I can get.

It’s not as if I am trying to get noticed or anything – believe me, I’m just doing the show for laughs and for fun. But if you happen to click “like” and think my jokes are funny, then I’ll most likely feel happy. 🙂

I’ll leave you with an episode of my show, just to give you a taste for what it’s about. Please enjoy it, and please, give it a Facebook “like.”


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