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From the Vault Fridays

The baseball off-season is a very boring time. I don’t think I need to convince anyone in the world how true that statement really is. In an effort to keep baseball alive in a way during the off-season, Yankee Yapping is launching what is going to be known as “From the Vault Fridays.”

Allow me to explain.

Each Friday I will comb through the archives, pick an old Yankee Yapping blog entry, and post it to the Yankee Yapping Facebook Page. I’ll try to pick only the best and most fun entries at the end of each week, and I hope everyone will enjoy some of my past work.

I’ll continue “From the Vault Fridays” all the way up until Opening Day, 2012 – and I will continue to write regular blogs with original topics, as well as provide analysis and highlights throughout Spring Training, when that begins at the end of February.

Remember to give the Yankee Yapping page a “like” on Facebook if you haven’t yet, tell all your friends to like it too (even if they’re not Yankee fans!) and enjoy From the Vault Fridays.